Secrets to Get more Instagram followers in 2023. (Part-2)

Secrets to Get more Instagram followers in 2023. (Part-2)

This is the continuation of the Part-1 of the article “Secrets to Get more Instagram followers in 2023. (Part-1)“. In that article, I spoke about some actionable tips like using videos and images, applying subtitles to your videos, using powerful hooks in your posts etc. by which you could grow the followers of your Instagram account. I reserved some of them for this article, so that you could easily grasp and implement them to increase your visibility, drive engagement, and ultimately grow your Instagram following.

Post at a time when your audience is most active

To maximize your reach and growth on Instagram, it’s important to post at a time when your audience is most active on the platform. This time can vary depending on where your audience is located and their habits. You can determine the optimal posting time for your account by checking your insights and looking at when your followers are most active. Instagram provides this information in the “Total Followers” section of your insights. Once you have identified the best posting time, aim to post 30 to 60 minutes before that time to increase early engagement, which can help your content get pushed out to more people.

Create a Broadcast channel on Instagram

One way to build a stronger connection with your audience on Instagram is to create a broadcast channel. This is a brand new feature that Instagram has rolled out, allowing creators to send messages to all of their followers. It’s kind of like an email list, but not quite. The feature gives off similar vibes to old-school engagement groups, where a large group of people could be sent content to engage with it.

The broadcasts can be used to send your thoughts, opinions, funny stuff, things you learn, and things you find interesting to build up more of a community. When you do post content, you can send it to your broadcast channel to give it an early boost in engagement. The feature can help you grow your audience by providing a way to send genuine and real messages to your followers, rather than using fake engagement groups that Instagram has put measures in place to slow down in the past. By using the broadcast channel, you can create a more personal and engaged relationship with your followers, which can ultimately help you grow your account.

Optimize your content

To maximize your reach and growth potential, it’s crucial to optimize your content for the explore page. This means creating content that not only resonates with your target audience, but also catches the attention of those who may not be familiar with your brand yet. By adopting this mindset, you can make your content more engaging and interesting, and ensure that your points are clear and concise. Ultimately, this approach will help you grow faster by appealing to a wider audience. Remember that first impressions are everything, and every piece of content you create should be viewed as an opportunity to make a lasting impression on potential followers.

Learn about Instagram guidelines

It’s important to ensure that you’re not shadow banned on Instagram. This happens when you violate the community or recommendation guidelines, which includes posting violent, graphic, or explicit content, making false health or financial claims, or using excessive profanity or nudity. These guidelines may seem like common sense, but it’s important to be aware of them to avoid being shadow banned.

To check if you’ve been shadow banned, go to your Instagram settings, select “Account,” and then click on “Account Status.” There will be two sections, one for the recommendation guidelines and the other for the community guidelines. If both sections have green text, then your account is in good standing. However, if there’s an orange or red notification, then there may be an issue that needs to be addressed. By checking for shadow bans and fixing any issues, you can improve your reach and avoid being penalized by Instagram.

Use Notes for more content engagement

Consider using notes as short form broadcasts, a new feature on Instagram that’s similar to tweets. Notes are only visible to users who follow you back and who you follow, so it’s a select group. Although notes don’t reach a large audience, it’s an excellent way to engage with your friends by sharing random but relatable thoughts. These notes can serve as an additional touchpoint to spark more conversations, which ultimately helps boost your content’s ranking for them.

Invest in improving content before going for paid ads

To effectively grow your audience, it’s important to invest in improving the quality of your content before resorting to paid ads or shout outs. While some believe that these are the only ways to increase their reach, investing in the quality of your content can lead to better organic reach, and paid ads will also yield better results. Consider investing in a course that can help you enhance your skills in graphic design, video editing, or any other area that can help you create better content. You can also upgrade your equipment, such as getting a better camera or microphone, or even hiring a studio to create a plethora of content. By improving your content, you not only increase your organic reach, but you also enhance the effectiveness of any paid ads that you may run.

Focus on keywords

Instagram is now focusing more on search, following in the footsteps of TikTok, who emulated YouTube and Google. Therefore, it is crucial to use keywords to improve your discoverability. To do this, you should come up with five or six relevant keywords that accurately describe your content, account, and niche that potential followers are likely to search for. For instance, if your account is about content marketing, your keywords could be Instagram tips, social media growth, and lead generation. It is then essential to include these keywords in your name, bio, and captions, as Instagram’s algorithm is more likely to recommend your account to users searching for similar content. This method is a passive way to grow your audience, and it has an evergreen effect because having these keywords in your profile ensures that people can find you every day.

Engage with others also

Remember that social media is all about being social. Engage with other users by commenting on their content, sending DMs to new followers, and reaching out to creators in your niche who post interesting content that you enjoy. Respond to comments on your own content and start conversations with your followers. The more social you are, the stronger your community becomes, and the more engagement you will receive, ultimately leading to faster growth of your audience. So, don’t just focus on creating content, but also focus on building relationships with your audience and other creators in your niche which will utimately get more Instagram followers for you.

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Hopefully you have found these tips useful. I am sure that these will help you to get more Instagram followers. Growing your Instagram audience requires a multifaceted approach that involves creating high-quality content, optimizing your profile for search, using Instagram features such as reels and explore page, being active and social on the platform, and investing in improving your skills and equipment. By implementing these strategies, you can increase your organic reach and engagement, which can lead to a more significant following, better visibility, and potential monetization opportunities. Remember that growing an Instagram audience is not an overnight process, and it requires consistent effort, patience, and creativity.

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