Secrets to Get more Instagram followers in 2023. (Part -1)

Secrets to Get more Instagram followers in 2023

In today’s digital world, Instagram has become a crucial platform for individuals and businesses to showcase their content, connect with their audience, and increase their online reach. However, with over one billion active monthly users, getting noticed and gaining new followers can be a daunting challenge. If you’re looking to grow your Instagram following in 2023, you need to stay ahead of the game with the latest strategies and techniques.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll reveal the “Secrets to Get More Instagram Followers in 2023.” I’ll provide you with actionable tips and tricks to increase your visibility, drive engagement, and ultimately grow your Instagram following. Whether you’re an experienced Instagram user or a beginner, this guide will help you take your Instagram game to the next level and stay ahead of the competition. So, read on to discover the latest Instagram trends, techniques, and best practices to skyrocket your Instagram following in 2023.

Use Videos and Images according to your Niche

The initial point to note is that videos generally perform better than images on Instagram. However, even a high-quality image can still garner significant engagement, particularly following Adam Mosseri’s recent announcement. This has resulted in confusion among users who are unsure whether to prioritize video or image content. Throughout 2022, videos reigned supreme on the platform and were heavily promoted by Instagram. However, the CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has since stated that photos are receiving a boost in the algorithm and are now being placed on a more level playing field with videos. This has left many users perplexed about which content type to prioritize on the platform.

In reality, both videos and images hold their own significance and can be integrated into your Instagram strategy. From my observations, I have noticed that images can still generate remarkable engagement on educational accounts. This is often because the information being conveyed can be presented with a compelling hook, whether it’s on the first slide of your Carousel or at the top of an infographic.

If you manage to include a strong hook in your educational account’s image, it can thrive on the Explore page, leading to a quick expansion of your audience. However, for niches such as e-commerce brands or comedians that aren’t as education-oriented, achieving high engagement with images can be challenging. This is because the success of these posts largely depends on the delivery of the joke or the presentation of the product, which may not be as captivating when viewed from a distance on the Explore page. This is in contrast to YouTube videos, where you can have an attractive thumbnail that catches the viewer’s attention.

Suppose you operate within the educational sector. In that case, I would highly recommend that you make the most of images and carousels to increase your Instagram following significantly. However, if you belong to a niche that isn’t as education-centric, you might be better off emphasizing video content to enhance your chances of success on the platform.

Use Subtitles in Videos

The second crucial aspect to consider is that a whopping 85% of Instagram users tend to consume content without sound. This highlights the critical importance of utilizing both images and subtitles in your videos to grab the attention of viewers scrolling through the Reels tab, their Home feed, or browsing through your profile. If you don’t incorporate these elements, most users will likely overlook your content, resulting in dismal retention rates and a significant reduction in your reach potential.

Use emotions in your content

Typically, for content to perform well on Instagram, it must fall into one of four categories: entertainment, education, inspiration, or thought-provoking content. If you want to take your content to the next level, try blending two, three, or even all four categories together. However, at a minimum, it must contain at least one of these categories to succeed. It’s crucial to identify which category is most suitable for your niche and focus on it while ensuring your content serves a purpose.

Use powerful hook

To increase the chances of your content being consumed and retaining the attention of your audience, it’s crucial to start every piece of content with a strong and powerful hook. Whether it’s a single image, a carousel, a reel, or a story, the opening needs to grab the viewer’s attention and encourage them to keep watching. Studies have shown that the majority of people who click off your content do so in the first few seconds, which is why it’s important to focus on those opening moments to combat low retention rates and maximize engagement.

Use Hashtags Wisely

Using hashtags can be an effective way to grow your Instagram presence. However, there is a lot of debate on their effectiveness. Some people think that they do nothing, while others believe that you should focus solely on optimizing them. The truth lies somewhere in between. It’s important to do your hashtag research once a month and find 5-15 relevant hashtags that are targeted to your niche. These hashtags should not be too big or too small, but rather, they should be general and relevant to what you post. Adding these hashtags to your captions can help with ranking on hashtag pages, getting featured on Explore, and showing up in Instagram search results.

Be Consistent to get Instagram followers

Consistency is key when it comes to posting on Instagram. To achieve optimal growth, it is recommended to post a minimum of four times a week. This is a common practice among successful creators on the platform who have built a large audience. Posting frequently not only serves your audience better but also helps you improve your content creation skills. By experimenting with different types of posts, such as carousels, infographics, and reels, you can figure out what works best for you and your audience.

It’s important to note that building a strong presence on Instagram takes time and effort. Posting just a couple of times won’t give the algorithm enough information to understand your content and audience. You may need to post dozens of pieces of content, even 30, 40, or 50, before Instagram can start showing it to the right people who will enjoy your content and follow you. Once your content is dialed in, you can build a strong community and increase your reach on the platform.

Implement Systems

To accelerate your growth on Instagram, it’s crucial to implement systems that help you streamline your content creation process. For instance, you can create a template for designing and editing your posts or establish a schedule for filming your content in bulk. You can also keep a motion document where you jot down your ideas to save time when it comes to filming your content. By developing these systems, you become more efficient and save a lot of time that you can use to focus on other important aspects of your Instagram strategy. Therefore, it’s essential to start thinking about how you can create systems to enhance the way you produce and distribute your content.

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